One of the most important decisions you would ever take is about your pension planning. It is estimated that we spend almost 25% of our lives in retirement. Taking the appropriate steps to plan for your life as a retiree is essential for retaining the standard of life when at senior age. It is never too soon, never too late to start saving for a pension plan. Danubia International offers custom tailored solutions with access to some of the top European life assurance companies.

With access to over 400 underlying funds, as well as equities and deposits, we have the right arsenal to use. Administered mostly offshore, our retirement solutions benefit from greater tax efficiency, flexible regulation, high confidentiality and political stability.

Carefully designed custom portfolio can match your own preference an be the effective solution that would make the most of your planning process. Available through several  large providers, our regular and lump sum saving plans have several benefits that make them fit for the purpose of retirement planning:

- managed on- or offshore for greater tax efficiency

- asset switching is free of charge with most providers

- wide selection of assets

- access to the fund 24/7 with the option to withdraw early and penalty free*

- holiday period and generous bonus schemes

- excellent tax planning facilities available

- transferable to a QROPS

* For as long as a minimum amount is left in the account.