Why choose us? Our company was founded by a group of young individuals with extensive international experience in the financial planning and investment areas. Strongly motivated to excel and considering the many successful projects completed, we aim at providing our clients with high quality services, services that will actually benefit you. Danubia International acts independently and as a client oriented company. As such, we will always act in your best interest. 

What services are available? Our company focuses on the local and international markets. Experienced and well educated team is able to help both Expatriate and Bulgarian clients. We specialise in three core services: retirement and traditional financial planning, investments and pension transfers ( QROPS ).

What are the products? Danubia International does not have a product of its own. Instead, we act as an intermediary for leading onshore and offshore based financial providers who would administer the plan and we would assist you with the account and asset management. The plans are available at up to seven different currencies and usually in two forms - life assurance and capital redemption.

Who administers these policies? The solutions can vary from regular savings products aimed at the serious pension planner, to personal portfolio bonds and private wealth management services. We have access to a large pool of established financial providers with the majority being administered offshore ( Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey ).

What selection of funds do I get access to?  Wide selection of internal and external funds, unit trusts, alternatives, sustainable funds and currency deposits are available. The selection includes over 400 highly ranked funds and index trackers. Managed by class leading professionals and based in tax efficient environments, they present a unique opportunity to complete your own goals. 

How do I pay and what fees do you charge? Payments can be completed by a standing order from your bank account, credit card payment or pay cheques. You will deal directly with the recommended plan provider and all payments are sent directly to the institution that has issued the policy. Danubia International does not hold client money. For life assurance plans and investments, our commission is paid by the plan provider and is included in the plan charges. If you would like dedicated portfolio management assistance, please speak to your adviser. 

Anti-money laundering. We have a strict policy on anti-money laundering and shall not accept funds with unclear origin. We are required to verify your identity in compliance with any Anti-Money Laundering regulations. We reserve the right to approach third parties which may result in a delay on the application. You will be notified on our findings.