The investment universe can be overwhelming even to the most experienced investor. In today` world, a vast amount of differing assets is available, often with complicated structures.

Our aim is to deliver always in excess. For this purpose, we have developed an extensive network of available solutions.

Through the personal portfolio bonds class it is easy to follow a buy-and-hold strategy relying on the expertise and careful asset selection of external fund managers. Should you need to switch these funds to better allocate your resources under the current conditions, it is easy to do and won`t invoke the usual initial or deferred charges associated with direct fund investment.

If you want to rely on your own skills and omit the fund annual management fees, you can trade stocks, fixed interest and even derivatives under one of these product classes.

Holding other assets elsewhere? You can transfer them under one of the portfolio bond class products* and have all your asset administration under one roof.

Structured products and protected return funds can offer stable returns for those willing to invest into a less volatile vehicle, where dedicated private wealth management might be what the most discerning investors look for.

Administration of most bond products is handed over to a big third party provider that would issue the investment policy. Once issued, you`d have full access to it through the provider`own client portal. Withdrawals, trading tickets or further contributions can be easily completed online from a secure computer.

Speak to one of our financial advisors to obtain further details on how this can be done.

* Assets should be traded on a recognized exchange