Good education is a dream for many undergraduates. Considering the cost of the programmes and the amount of time and effort students will spend in studying for their Bachelors, Masters or PhD degree calls for some serious planning on how to finance these future costs. Highly ranked schools offer top education programmes to qualified students and undergraduates but often this imposes a burden to your finances. Funding their education remains a serious financial commitment but we can help ease it.

Financial planning plays a significant role in this process and may open even the most elite university doors to any student. Taking advantage of our expertise and the high quality products designed for mid to long term planning can be the key to any university door. Based in tax-efficient environments, our managed solutions represent a unique opportunity to accumulate the required funds.

On- or offshore, these plans are tailored to benefit the long term planner. Offering access to over 400 funds from top investment houses, deposits and structured products, they are flexible solutions, allowing for multiple withdrawals to easily cover tuition fees and other daily expenses. It is easy and often free to switch between the underlying funds and adapt to market changes. You can also relocate to any place or just move back home, always with access to your monies. Your funds will benefit from the usually tax-efficient environment and some of the best fund managers available. Please note that upon surrender, the accrued funds may be subject to income tax in your country.

Top education might be the best gift you would ever give your children. Request an appointment with one of our financial advisers to get more information.